System Selection

Our system selection service is designed to match small to mid market for profit businesses with products and service providers. With over 30 years helping companies select systems, we can streamline your selection process. Start with a short list based upon your industry and corporate culture rather than a lengthy RFP that wastes time and cost to a process. Vendors often tell you what you want to hear while our advisors tell you what you need to know

The Selection Process

The selection of your next business management system will impact your entire organization. The success of your project is impacted not only by the software you choose, but also the partner who guides the implementation and the decisions you make during the project.

The selection process typically starts with research and identification of potential systems that are used in your industry. Choices are narrowed to a short list. A few systems are demonstrated and then proposals are reviewed to make a final decision. Imagine starting with 40 years of experience to guide you through a streamlined process that begins with a no cost interview..


An initial no cost interview will guide you through a series of insightful questions to help our experts match you to potential systems and partners for evaluation.


Our no cost matching service provides you contact information for several systems and partners. Our partner organizations are matched to you based upon your identified preferences.

Expert Guidance

Our experts can assist you with the selection process based upon your business requirements, partner culture and implementation style preferences

Schedule a System Selection Exploration Call

Talk to a system selection expert to determine if I-BN can assist with your selection process.