Begin with the end in mind

System Selection Process

Selecting a new business management system can directly impact the future growth, bottom line and ultimate success of your business. From requirements analysis, through selection or project management our experience can lower your risk and speed the return on your systems investment.

Business Requirements

Any ERP system can print a check or produce financials. Our advisors help you take a fresh look at how you achieve business outcomes. Select a system based upon anticipated results rather than features and functions. Are you trying to stick to the basics, keep up with the competition, or gain an advantage based upon your unique position in and approach tothe market?

System Selection

With over 30 years helping companies select systems, we can streamline your selection process. Start with a short list based upon your industry and corporate culture rather than a lengthy RFP that wastes time and cost to a process. Vendors often tell you what you want to hear while our advisors tell you what you need to know. Our services range from a simple matching service to a project based approach.

Steering Committee

Companies who have the expertise in house to manage the selection process leverage our senior advisors to streamline decision making, utilize our network and provide guidance from the experience of thousands of implementations. We help you setup the process for success and keep your implementations on target. Our executives can provide objective independent advice through the implementation.

How to know when you are

System Selection Articles

3 Reasons to Partner with a Leading Software Company

30 years of implementation experience led to this 4 blog series of why bigger became better. Originally posted in 2020

Software Selection: Beware of the Hype!

Software companies and their agents will tell you why thier system is the best fo companies just like you! We help you sort through the claims and propaganda. Some of these claims about being new and unique have been the same for over 20 years!

8 QuickBooks Upgrade Scenarios

Every larger software publisher is looking to capture the customers who have “outgrown QuickBooks.” But how do you know you are outgrowing QuickBooks, and what will the next system do “to” and for your organization?

“We now have better operational visibility, control and customer service tools. Fast data access… helps us take immediate action to serve customers better.”

Daniel arcilla


“They have wide experience with other companies … and saw things in other companies and have good suggestions that we could use…”

Michael Xue

Product Engineer

“SAP Business One was actually the catalyst to improve many of our business processes. Since then we have experienced grater transparency with our data and information.”

David Drishpon