Software and Services as a Subscription

Subscription Services

Major software publishers utilize a subscription model in the cloud. Cloud subscriptions ensures customers remain on the current supported levels of software and provides cash flow stability to both the publisher and the customer. We help partners adopt and adapt strategies to increase their customer satisfaction, profitability and valuation with a subscription services model.

Service Model

The subscription service model can be adopted in many ways. We help companies decide how and what services can be transitioned or changed into services as a subscription and how the team should be structured to accomplish those goals.

Entitlement Model

Entitlements include the services, intellectual property and service levels provided as part of the subscription model. Existing customers will need different services than new customers, just as fast growing companies require different entitlement levels than stable clients.

Practice Management

The subscription model requires a shift in mindset, measurements and compensation. Management of the practice utilizes new measures. We help companies adapt to the new paradigms in marketing, sales, and service delivery.

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