Oversight and guidance

Steering Committee Services

Senior advisors with 20 or more years of experience streamline decision making, plug you into our network and provide guidance from thousands of implementations. We help you setup the process for success and keep your implementations on target.

Oversight of the Engagement

The role of the steering committee is not to make all the big decisions, but to provide the framework so the team can make the right calls. By setting up guiding principles, key targets and a structure for the journey, team members and their managers are empowered and produce superior results.

  • Experienced executives can sniff out the inevitable and unpredictable problems before they manifest into issues.
  • An independent executive can ensure the implementation partners have your best interest in mind
Purpose and objective

System Selection

For companies who will lead their own system selection process, an outsider with a clean, fresh and experienced perspective can provide:

  • Insight and guidance on the selection process
  • Ask tough and insightful questions to ensure the thoroughness of the process
  • Lend experience to the team that can cut through sales hype, assist in negotiation and validate assumptions

Services Offered

Steering committee services are typically provided on a fixed fee or monthly retainer for a specified delivery schedule or engagement commitment. We can help with the initial system selection process with simple shortlisting or provide guidance through the entire process to add clarity and confidence to your decision.

Theory and Practice

Senior executives who serve on steering committees have typically overseen hundreds of selections and implementations. Our executives bring thought leadership and practical advice from across industries. We also provide our library of tools and templates as part of our service..

Schedule an Interview with an Executive

Typically a 15-30 minute call to understand your industry, objectives and potential for a mutually beneficial relationship