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Upgrade Legacy Software for Digital Transformation

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Change is hard and upgrading systems is disruptive. Although a business owner may intuitively know that their systems are holding them back, department heads and front line workers think that the legacy system is “just fine.” It may take an outsider to recognize, prove, push to upgrade from legacy software to enable digital transformation. Whether the outsider is the next generation family member or a trusted business advisor who reviews your business operations; upgrading legacy systems enables digital transformation.

Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade Legacy Software


Let’s face it; nobody ever wants to change systems. The top reason for change is necessity. Coming from the age of perpetual licensing, many companies chose not to pay maintenance on their legacy system to save money. Without annual maintenance there are no upgrades and now the software is becoming obsolete.


Your initial small business software may have been good enough and very affordable when when you started. Now that you have grown the software may be holding you back. Or perhaps your children are coming into the business and growth is required to support both you and your new partners?


The digital era has ushered in web services e-commerce and a variety of cloud connected tools that make running the business more efficient. Older technology was not built to exchange data with customers, suppliers, service providers or specialty software. Modern technology is required for secure integration.

Remote Workers

The pandemic accelerated the shift to remote work. Even as workers return to the office hybrid work is here to stay. Although legacy software can be “cloud hosted,” it doesn’t support any device from anywhere natively. Modern systems are cloud ready or have mobile applications designed for a remote workforce.

Montana CAD “Next Generation” Growth

Montana CAD places rock, sand, topsoil and bark where customers need it. In fact, they have been doing it much the company tripled in size since the next generation of owners graduated college in 2017. As the company’s new Vice President and General Manager, Logan Lamm knew that the company would “need to invest in the technology infrastructure to support that growth.” “We’d used Sage 100 for years but wanted the next generation, cloud-based solution that could integrate with dispatch software application.”

With new custom dispatch software, integrated with Sage Intacct, the company was able to eliminate 5 hours per day of administrative tasks and triple in size without increasing accounting staff. The new systems also created competitive advantage through better reporting to contractors, automating invoicing and collection, and deeper insight into the business. Add a better work life balance, and you have another reason to upgrade legacy systems for digital transformation. Read the Complete Success Story

Plexcity Powers Growth with Multi-Entity Remote Access

Plexcity provides back office support to organizations around the country with a specialization in credit unions associations and service centers. Plexcity’s Sage Intacct powered shared services platform is used to outsource core accounting, HR and payroll functions with deep expertise. Switching to Sage Intacct from Sage 100 reduced accounts payable processing time by 50%, enabled multi-entity consolidations, and powered 25% growth without increasing staff.

The Sage Intacct Marketplace also provides “out-of-the-box” integrations with payroll, membership management, budgeting, planning and forecasting to Plexcity and its clients. Read the Complete Success Story

“We always work to increase the value we provide to customers. With Sage Intacct, we’re really upping our game — offering better, faster service and additional capabilities.”

Cindy Cavanaugh, CFO Plexcity

Working with Migration Experts

Let’s face it; nobody ever wants to change systems. Coming from the age of perpetual licensing, many companies chose not to pay maintenance on their legacy system to save money. As these systems become obsolete or hold the company back, working with an expert can ease the pain.

Upgrade Legacy Sage Software to Sage Cloud

ACI Consulting is a California based Sage Partner who specializes in cloud migrations. ACI helped both Montana CAD and Plexcity with tier Sage 100 to Sage Intacct upgrades. Whether it is moving your Sage 100 system to the cloud or upgrade legacy software to Sage Intacct or Sage X3, ACI are cloud advocates. ACI seeks to improve their clients business by exceeding expectations as they deliver innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

The Network is Here to Support YOU

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