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RISE and GROW with SAP

SAP Sapphire Conference

Generative AI took center stage at the 2024 SAP Sapphire Conference in Orlando. As the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for large enterprise organizations, SAP highlighted its partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Nvidia and Apple to showcase how AI is changing modern technology.


RISE and GROW Gaining Momentum

SAP Rise is the implementation methodology for large enterprise customers to migrate their on-premises systems to SAP S/4 powered by SAP HANA Cloud. SAP Grow is the bundle of services and packaged solutions designed to migrate mid-sized business to the SAP cloud based upon RISE. According to SAP News, more than 6,000 customers have selected SAP RISE for their cloud migration strategy.

ERP as a Stack of Products

Although SAP ERP has been known as the “uber” system with all data in one place, it is a stack of multiple products.

  • SAP S/4 HANA as its core,
  • SAP ARIBA for procurement,
  • Success Factors for human resources management,
  • Concur for travel, etc.

With a full suite pf products, SAP is ERP and modular. Accordingly, SAP is promoting its Business Transformation Platform (BTP). Although BTP is middleware, it is much more than that! SAP notes that BTP “comes with comprehensive capabilities for low code application developmentAIintegrationand data and analytics with native integration to SAP applications and connectivity to other apps and data sources.

The Role of and SAP Enterprise Architect

Since the SAP ERP stack has multiple components, SAP has decided to include an SAP Enterprise Architect as part of the implementation service for all SAP RISE customers. The architect’s role ensures that best practices are followed and that customers maximize their investment in SAP. SAP architects keep up with the rapid development of technology available and manage the complexity of the ERP stack. The investment in tools, technology, and architects clearly demonstrates SAP’s commitment to the S/4 HANA public cloud offering.

SAP’s Missed Opportunity

The RISE with SAP message and comprehensive stack of products reinforces the perception of SAP as complex and difficult. Even the assignment of an Enterprise Architect insinuates that the complexity requires a high level of expertise. However, SAP components like Concur are powerful, yet easy to implement and tremendously valuable.

SAP Business One’s Absence

Although SAP Business One‘s (B1) annual revenue is a rounding error to SAP’s corporate earnings, B1 is used by over 79,000 small and mid-sized companies around the world! Unfortunately, there is little mention of B1 in any of the virtual sessions available post conference. SAP appears to have forgotten its history of failure positioning enterprise products down market with the “All In One” packaging and even SAP ByDesign. GROW for S/4 HANA will never replace Business One as a product for the small to mid sized organization. Historically, this SAP blind spot has created an opening for products like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to capture market share of the subsidiaries and eco-system from large SAP customers.

SAP Business One’s absence was disappointing after the recent proclamations of “SAP Business One Forever” at the SAP Partner Summit for SME. With the recent update of the SAP Cloud Control Center for B1 and new customization of the B1 web client, SAP Business One is becoming “cloudier.” SAP B1 is completely compatible with SAP BTP and the latest AI tools. Hopefully, SAP’s attention will swing back to the product with the most customers in its ERP portfolio.

In conclusion, customers of all sizes can learn from presentations at Sapphire. AI is real at large enterprises today! For more information on SAP Business One, visit our SAP B1 Info page or Contact Us!

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