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I-BN has assembled an amazing team of experts who understand the value of partnership. Partnership is about creating win-win-win situations where the customer and partners all benefit from the relationship.

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Partnering Philosophy

I-Business Network takes pride in its partnerships. Our mission of aggregating and integrating business management to improve productivity and effectiveness is rooted in its collaborations with partners. We partner with leading technology firms, service providers, and software companies to create a network that makes each partner stronger.

We work with our customers for mutual benefit and seek to avoid working for our customers as a vendor. The I-BN Partner program has no fees and is designed for wins for the partner, I-BN, and most importantly, the customer.

Expand and Leverage Knowledge

In addition to referrals between members, joining the network enables all members opportunities to deliver a broader range of products and services. We have a wide array of value added resellers, cloud service providers, industry experts, finance executives and business coaches ready to serve our partners and customers. It is all about leveraging resources to turn the impossible into the possible!

Packaged Solutions

Leverage the I-BN Start Program for fixed fee solutions that open sales doors and provide value and rapid ROI.

Network Resources

Leverage the network of service providers, software extensions and cloud service providers who are part of the “Network.”

Increased Value

Leverage the partners to add value to your customer and increase your bottom line.

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