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Personal Connections in the Digital Age

We Call it I-Business Networking!

I-Business Network connects people and companies with service providers, technology, and knowledge to improve efficiency and effectiveness to meet your business objectives.

Remote work, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other trends in the “new normal” workplace are creating physical distance between people. When creating our post pandemic reality, we chose to “network” digitally and personally.

Just because cloud computing facilitates remote work, integrating computer systems and artificial intelligence, it does not eliminate the need for human interaction. Technology remains a tool to serve people! As technology improves it is imperative to maintain your personal network to create business relationships.

Transactional vs. Relation Based Partnerships

Computers are extremely efficient at executing transactions. Most transactions are rule based. Rules can be transformed into code and executed flawlessly by computers. Computers pay no heed to how the customer feels about the transaction. A computer can automatically request feedback from the customer. “On a scale of 1-5 how likely are you to buy from us again?” Unfortunately, the computer does not care how you answer, nor will it know how to make you feel better.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Computers are not people, and people remain highly skeptical of computers. Although some people will buy on price, the products and services purchased based upon price are commodities. Large enterprises do not have Customer Experience Officers to maximize the commodity experience. Alternatively, even companies that sell commodities are trying to create a relationship with their customers to create brand loyalty.

Creating a trust relationship requires experiences. New relationship-based partnerships do not begin with shared experience, but with a human connection that is best created in-person. We continue to try and simulate the human experience via Teams or Zoom, but virtual reality hug machines are still way off in the future.

I-Business Network Partnerships

Over I-BN’s 20+ years in business, we have always believed in partnering to improve the customer experience. The principal objective as an advisory firm remains to provide the customer the right resource with the knowledge, skills, and experience to best meet the customer needs in a timely manner. Through human interaction we continuously expand our network of partners to achieve our mission of improving our client’s productivity and effectiveness using technology to create a competitive advantage. 

I-BN targets customers are in distribution and manufacturing of discrete goods and the professional services industries. We have developed sub-specialties in US distributors of foreign manufacturers, building supply distributors, high-tech distribution with services and companies who outgrow entry level systems. To further our objectives, we are proud to announce three new partnerships!

Chismet Consulting

We have worked with Chismet Consulting for over 10 years and have run in the same circles with its principal Moira Goggin since before we created I-BN. Chismet seeks to provide your company and employees with solutions that fulfill your vision. Chismet takes a very analytical approach to design, educate and support customers and their employees with the tools and guidance for realizing their current and future aspirations.


Innovations-4-Indsutry is an independent consulting firm laser-focused on enterprise software solutions for the Supply Chain market. Utilizing 30+ years of supply chain and technology experience, i4ind helps companies select the right technology to meet their business objectives. Their structured selection process bridges the communication gap by offering expert guidance through the intricate processes of needs assessment, technology alignment, ERP selection and vendor management.

Stewart Tech

We were attracted to Stewart Tech by their customer focus. Rather than focusing on a software or technology Stewart Tech aims to meet the customer where they are and provide the personal touch to technology services. Stewart Tech offers a full range of software products including:

  • Entry level systems like QuickBooks and Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree),
  • Sage 100 (formerly MAS90) for proven performance for distributors and light manufacturers, and
  • Sage Intacct for the true cloud experience.
  • Sage for Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Sage Fixed Assets

With deep expertise in distributors and light manufacturers that need field service, Stewart Tech specializes in tailoring these systems to serve their customers.  By incorporating tools like Sage Alerts (aka Knowledgesync), Stewart Tech enables proactive communication and business insights to clients.

Join the Network

Now is the time to join the Network. In today’s fast-moving economy what is the advantage of waiting to gain knowledge? Our members share their wisdom for distribution to others. I-BN experts in each content area curate shared wisdom and combine it into blog posts, articles and e-mails. 

  • Sign up for only the type of information you want to receive by filling out our Content Preference form.
  • Potential technology and service providers must complete a Partner Application.  Then we will meet to discuss how the partner can share knowledge with the community in your area of expertise.

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