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Partner Services

Our collective experience as a value added reseller (VAR) since 1986 and team members who have worked for and with a variety of publishers are available to help you grow your consulting and reselling business.

Consulting and software reselling partners work in a competitive market where almost every customer has a purchase history and a system in place. The selling cycle has become a buying cycle and differentiating your practice is essential for customers to find you! There is no magic formula for success, but there are proven processes and techniques which can be used to help you define your consultancy and focus on target markets and grow your business and increase profitability and value.

Vertical Strategy

Software publishers have been encouraging partners to go vertical forever. But how do you target a vertical, package your expertise and dominate a target market.

Subscription / Cloud

New licensing and payment models have changed the way software is sold and services are delivered. Value or subscription based service models require new metrics, compensation models and skill sets

Consulting Academy

There are a variety of skills associated with consulting which are not taught in any school. Smaller consultancies can take advantage of our academy to increase the competency of their team in a variety of soft and hard skills.

Let’s Talk

If you seek to create value through partnership, schedule a call to find our synergies.

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