System/Partner Matching Service

Our no cost matching service provides you contact information for value added resellers and/or implementation partners based upon your preferences. 

System Selection Services to Match Your Needs

  • Do you prefer self-selection and implementation?
  • Are you looking for independent advice?
  • Do you want a partner to walk or run with you?

Our goal is to match you with the right provider to meet your unique needs.

System Matching

A free low-touch service for companies who have a good understanding of their business requirements and preferences. By matching both systems and partners we improve satisfaction with your choice.

Selection Services

Start with a free service and choose from a variety of service levels. Custom tailored to your needs and preferences, our engagements speed time to selection, raise confidence in the choice and plan to reduce initial and total systems cost.

ERP System Matching

ERP matching service is designed for companies who have a good understanding of their business requirements and preferences.

With contacts at over 100 leading systems implementers across a variety of industries and software companies, our free service can expedite your search and improve outcomes. Our 25 question survey includes a variety of subjects including:

  • Industry and vertical focus
  • Technical expertise
  • Corporate culture and style

Upon completion of the survey an ERP specialist will contact you with contact information. Your team can also schedule a one hour consultation to review the information and ask additional questions.

ERP Selection Services

I-BN offers two additional levels of service above matching to further assist companies in their selection process. Activities can include matching, business blueprinting, demonstration scenario development, systems review meetings, all the way to implementation planning. Our job is to advocate for you and provide a clear picture of the options available, as well as potential hurdles to overcome. We make our clients aware of which part of the glass is filled with water and which part is filled with hot air.

ERP Selection

Selection Advisory

An ERP executive will assist with vendor matching and participate during demonstrations to ensure transparency between system sales representatives and your company. Our executives understand and identify the differences between “out-of-the-box”, configuration, personalization, and customization requirements that impact effort, implementation fees, risk and total cost of ownership

Selection Planning

Companies do not change business management software regularly, but our executives work with clients all the time. When you want to “do it right the first time” so you won’t have to change for a long time, working with a seasoned professional can make a huge difference.

Selection planning engagements are custom tailored to each client’s unique needs. By completing the matching questionnaire, we can schedule a free consultation to develop the appropriate scope for your company.