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Is digital transformation or systems implementation part of your organization’s core competency? Outsource the management and parts of your IT projects to a network of professionals with extensive experience

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FREEDOM liberates your team to focus on the business they know and allow our network of professional technology and systems experts to take on the roles needed for systems implementation and digital transformation. Key executive outsourcing roles include

  • Project Management
  • Business Blueprinting and Process Redesign
  • Value Engineering
  • Technical Design
  • Integration and Automation Evaluation and Design
  • Other services tailored to your unique needs

Fractional Services

With three standard service levels I-BN has a program that matches your business needs, styles and requirements. FREEDOM is not an individual, but an experienced professional backed by our network of experts to perform the tasks which could or should be performed by company personnel. Our team includes executives and senior level consultants from a wide array of industries and broad selection of technologies.

Fractional services are offered on a subscription which can be ungraded, downgraded or cancelled on a month to month term. Rates start as low as $3,000 per month, a fraction of the cost of a project manager or CIO. Hot services includes operations management of ERP system and include domestic, nearshore and/or offshore teams. Service levels are evaluated quarterly to ensure value is realized and commensurate with subscription costs.

Select Servcie


Smaller businesses who cannot dedicate individuals to projects and need guidance over an extended period of time. Some typical services include:

  • Project and vendor management
  • Knowledge transfer and coaching
  • Cloud and/or system selection service
  • Risk assessment and mitigation plan

Cool services are limited to one project at a time with a service response level of 72 hours.


Projects with internal functional resources that want results quickly need faster response and more input. Warm services add more time intensive project work such as:

  • Business blueprinting and process redesign
  • Integration design and implementation
  • Value engineering
  • Automation design and implementation

Warm services can include multiple simultaneous projects depending upon their scope and includes a service response level of 48 hours.


For companies with intense needs and tight timelines, the hot service level offers premier response times and broadest services. Services only available at the hot level include:

  • Conference room pilot service
  • System and performance testing
  • Data cleansing and conversion
  • Customization development

Hot services are intended for high priority and larger or more complex projects. The service response level is 24 hours.

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