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Digital Transformation is business transformation with a cloud first strategy. The primary difference in terminology is the focus on using a digital toolset for business transformation.

All business transformation require a leadership team devoted to process improvement. In digital transformation management has made the decision to connect with customers, suppliers and others via the internet and use a cloud platform to integrate and automate business processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Four Components of Digital Transformation

Accenture defines digital transformation as “The transformation of activities, processes, and competencies to fully leverage the benefits of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across present and future business.”

Our holistic methodology focuses on the four key areas required for successful transformation. A defined strategy keeps the vision clear so a company can go beyond a single point in time transformation, but become an agile, adaptable organization.

With a laser focus on customer experience and satisfaction, adaptable teams learn new ways to deliver personalized experiences, products and services. The agile workplace environment can discover new revenue opportunities to delight customers and satisfy the online culture that demands rapid repose.


Clearly defining why you are transforming along with the short and long time ROI objectives are key to a successful initiative. A strategy also creates the vision of the future technology, operations and workplace.


Implement digital technologies to eliminate manual redundant tasks, automate handoffs between departments and partners while improving customer responsiveness and experience.


Operational transformation changes the business processes associated with delivering your products and services to take advantage of technological improvements.


As tasks are eliminated and your customers and vendors take a larger roles in fulfilling tasks through portals or integrations, job descriptions and even teams may be redesigned.

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