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Its Time to Join the I-Business Network

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Joining a Community

The goal of the I-Business Network community is to provide support for perpetual growth of each other and our eco-system. Companies in the small to mid-market do not have the resources of the large enterprise and need to rely upon their industry organizations, vendor partners, and customer feedback to achieve their business objectives.

Since our inception in 1999, we relied upon a Network of partners to help our customers improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Accomplished by process oriented digital transformation provided by experts in industry and technology. Now we are opening up our community to a broader audience by breaking our formal representation of specific products and partnering with the leading providers who adhere to our core values.

Solving Business Technology Problems

Business owners have enough problems to solve without having to keep up with the latest in technology. Unless technology is core to your business it is more important to keep up with industry trends, regulations or compettive intelligence. However, the technology is advancing faster than ever and if you don’t keep up, you will fall behind!

According to the latest Ventana Research Office of Finance study, companies are replacing business management software on a 6 years cycle. Cloud adoption is also on the rise with more than 1/2 of new ERP in cloud deployment. Data feeds for tax calculation, shipping accuracy, e-commerce and vendor portals make multi-cloud integration critical for business process automation.

These are just a few of the areas where our community has solved business problems in your industry. Having worked with hundreds of partners focused on the SMB market across a variety of industries, we know who you can trust. Furthermore, we can help augment your staff on larger or more technical projects on a fractional basis to keep your focus where it needs to be.

Who Should Join the Network?

Our community is purposefully broad to meet the wide ranging needs of our community members

Growing Businesses

Growing Businesses

Organizations who are trying to grow, automate or improve efficiency through digital transformation benefit from our knowledge sharing. Community members come from a variety of industries from construction, distribution, high-tech, manufacturing, non-profit and professional services. Company size typically starts at $3 million and have ranged as high as $500 million.

Consulting Partners

Consulting Partners

Professional organizations with deep expertise in industry or particular technologies share their knowledge and expertise. While some of our partners represent software companies others are experts in different technology and business competencies such as system selection, data conversion, custom programming, marketing, change management, etc.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Software developers, system integrator and cloud services providers that offer solutions that enhance business management systems. Industry solutions, reporting and analytics tools, and low-code/no-code platforms are but a few of our technology partners. Many of our technology partners support multiple leading ERP platforms enabling smooth system upgrades.

CPA Firms

CPA Firms ar an invaluable source of tax and accounting information for our community. They often provide additional services such as quality of earnings, valuation and retirement planning for community members. CPA Firms also benefit from access to our system selection and fractional CxO services and technology partners

Private Equity Firms

Access to interim executives and establishment of centralized systems are critical when acquiring multiple companies to form a new larger entity. Our executives not only have the experience needed, but our community can provide the horsepower to create consistent reporting, expedite consolidation and generate savings.

Do you see yourself benefiting form a community of companies, individuals and organizations that adhere to a set of Core Values and believe that knowledge increases in value when shared?

Service providers must complete a Partner Application and schedule a meeting to discuss how they can and will share knowledge with the community on your area of expertise

Expand your Knowledge and Expertise

One of the best skills for a professional to have is knowing what they don’t know! Of course you want a consultant to have deep skills solving your particular issue. The last thing you want is a service provider acting like they know, or faking expertise. Joining the community provides confidence that deep technical knowledge is available, even outside your area of expertise.

At I-BN we have always understood the value of working with real experts and how to bring them in to the engagements of and with our partners. In doing so we must be cognizant of confidentiality, competitive issues as well as subject matter expertise. Our onboarding process gathers information about current service providers, systems landscape and partnering style to ensure proper matching.

Finding Your Value In the Network

The value of information has never been higher than in the digital age. Information is not data. You could be inundated with data and get no information from it! Our collective experience turns data into information. Members share their wisdom for distribution to others. I-BN experts in each content area curate shared wisdom and combine it into blog posts, articles and e-mails. Community members also self-select their content preferences for delivered knowledge and can opt-in or out of categories at any time.

Periodic surveys will also inform and direct community activity. Webinars, vendor “shootouts” and learning academies are all in the works. If there is something you believe will benefit our community, please Contact Us and we will see what we can do!

To join our Network, subscribe below and then complete your content preferences. It is just that easy!

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