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Cloud Selection Services

All clouds are not made equal. Public clouds offer unlimited scalability, a ton of third party products, but are not always the best for your business. We can help you pick the right cloud based upon your company’s skills, complexity, systems, and budget.

Cloud Strategy

The cloud selection process is driven by a company’s cloud strategy. We believe all cloud strategies are hybrid because people, products and equipment are always on the ground. Each company must choose its strategy which can be categorized as Cloud First, Hybrid or Connected.

Connected Cloud

Critical business systems remain on-premise but are connected to cloud services to optimize their efficiency and effectiveness of your on-premise or hosted technology solutions.

Hybrid Cloud

Re-platforming your critical business systems onto the best platform for your technology and business strategy. Hybrid cloud offers an incremental approach to digital transformation by incorporating the best of cloud with proven solutions.

Cloud First

A cloud first strategy puts the cloud at the center of your business. Going cloud first requires selection of the right cloud platform for your business and redesigning your business processes to take advantage of that platform.

Cloud Selection Service

Selecting which cloud to use is based upon a specific company’s cloud strategy.

  • Connected clouds – integrate with compatible cloud platforms
  • Hybrid Cloud and Cloud First – selected based upon core business management systems

Our experts have worked with a large number of clouds dedicated to small to mid market companies. Our questionnaires and experience can point you to 1-3 cloud providers well suited to meet your cloud objectives.

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