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Cloud Optimization

I-BN began offering “cloud services” and “Software as a Service” in 1999 before the cloud was called cloud. I-BN has been a leader since its inception as the first official cloud service provider for Sage, SAP, Advanced Software and others. We can help you select the right cloud for your business, improve your customer experience or help you streamline operations using the cloud.

Cloud Selection Service

All clouds are not made equal. Public clouds offer unlimited scalability, a ton of third party products, but are not always the best for your business. We can help you pick the right cloud based upon your company’s skills, complexity, systems, and budget.

Integration Strategy

Moving to the cloud provides makes processes more efficient by connecting you with customers, vendors and data services. With proper planning, Integrations are efficient, fast, adaptable and cost less.

Project Management

Implementing a cloud strategy takes coordination of systems, processes and people. Our executives have helped thousands of customers successfully migrate to a cloud platform. Our flexible services help you plan a smooth transition, source appropriate resources and coordinate the project.

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