Making powerful business processes

Business Transformation

Technology changes and so has the way work is performed. Have your business processes, marketing strategy and organization design kept up with those changes. Our network of business leaders can help you re-imagine and transform your company to succeed and grow in the new-normal.

Process Improvement

Great businesses are powered by powerful business processes. Make your business processes powerful by:

  • Defining your processes across organizational boundaries,
  • Using technology best practices,
  • Having the right people properly trained for their job, and
  • Continuously measuring and improving your processes.

Business Blueprinting

A blueprint is a high level design of your business. Each major process can be broken down into sub-processes and eventually, into tasks with procedures.

Redesign / Reengineer

Most processes evolve over time and become inefficient. Our proven process improves your operational efficiency and effectiveness, enabling you to do more with less cost and grow your business.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is business transformation with a cloud first strategy. The primary difference in terminology is the focus on using a digital toolset for business transformation.

All business transformation require a leadership team devoted to process improvement. In digital transformation management has made the decision to connect with customers, suppliers and others via the internet and use a cloud platform to integrate and automate business processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a strategy for designing products and services based upon your ideal customer. From product design, marketing, sales and services knowing who your customer is and what they want is key to providing value. Then you position your products and services from the customer perspective to present your company as providing higher value than the competition.

Targeting Strategy

Targeting vertical and niche markets has been promoted for decades. More and more small to mid-sized companies are successfully identifying niche markets to compete with larger competitors and are achieving success. Determine your optimal targets and develop a strategy for success.

Value Proposition

A good value proposition clearly defines why customers should purchase from you above the competition. From defining your ideal customer and understanding why they choose you, messages are developed to create a clear and compelling value proposition for your target market.