Business Requirements

Any ERP system can print a check or produce financials. Our advisors help you take a fresh look at what you really need from a system in terms of results rather than features and functions. Are you trying to stick to the basics, keep up with the competition, or gain an advantage based upon your unique position in the market? .

Components of Requirements

When analyzing requirements we analyze your business from three perspectives. Rather than creating a feature function hit list, we create a vision of your business transformed to the next level.

Functional Requirements

What functions need to be performed to operate the business? Defined from a customer satisfaction and business process orientation to unlock opportunities and create acknowledgment for change.

Uncover Opportunities

A requirements analysis typically does not define steps for improvement. However, the analysis creates the list of opportunities for evaluation and prioritization.

Value Creation

Software companies and their partners often create savings estimates to justify purchase of their systems. This activity is best performed internally, or with the help of an independent advisor.

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Schedule a 15-30 minute call to find out if our requirements gathering style matches your needsnd our requirements gathering style matches your needs!