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Business Blueprinting

Achieve a common understanding of how people, process and technology support business goals

Some consultancies believe in starting a business process design with a blank slate and re-engineering the corporation. Package based re-engineering starts with a system and building the business processes around best practices for that technology. In the mid-market, companies must adapt on the fly and take an approach that is tailored to who they are, where they are at, and where they want to go, within their unique business constraints.

Business Blueprinting

A blueprint is a high level design of your business. Each major process can be broken down into sub-processes and eventually, into tasks with procedures. A blueprinting service incorporates interviews and observations to create the business process hierarchy for your business.

An initial high level blueprinting engagement typically consists of workshops with business leadership to create the organizational diagram and process matrix which serves as the wireframe for business process redesign and continuous improvement.

The blueprint process continues through a iterative process of redesign and transformation.

A framwork for improvement activities

Business Process Design

A future process design incorporates people, process and technology for improvement of efficiency and effectiveness. Our framework provides a structure for initial and ongoing improvement of business processes based upon customer and business requirements.

Tools, features and functions do not create improvements. Craftsmen, who combine art and science, mold processes around the tools that create value for the customer. Knowledge transfer to your team enables continuous improvement. A good process is adaptable to an ever changing market.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not about moving your operations to the cloud, but changing the way your operations work to capitalize on technology to improve business operations. Technology and the cloud are merely tools which have no value separated from business process and execution by your staff.

Digital transformation is a journey, not a three month project to revolutionize your business. Transformation is itself a process which includes integrating, automating and analyzing data to provide information to customers, suppliers, employees, and management. The goal is to remove friction from processes with technology to empower people to move faster on the information highway.

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