About Us!

Established in 1999, I-BN’s mission has always been to improve our client’s productivity and effectiveness using technology to create a competitive advantage. We began as an application hosting company, became a reseller of business management software and returned to our roots as a true consultancy.

Our network of executives have decades of corporate, CPA and consultancy experience in a wide range of industries. We strive to keep ahead of the latest technologies and business trends while avoid the bleeding edge. We provide consulting and advisory services to select clients , nourishing our desire to help others using our unique talents in accordance with our core values.

Our greatest strength is that we know it is never about us as we keep our focus on our clients and their customers to deliver the greatest value possible.

Service Provider

I-BN provides services to customers and systems consultancies on how to improve business processes with deep expertise on how to utilize the cloud for competitive advantage.


Partnerships are formed through mutual benefit. Ensuring the right resources are available when needed are key to service excellence. Our community creates win-win success stories

Cloud Optimization

Since 1999 I-BN has been a leader in cloud for the Small to Mid-Sized Enterprise (SME) market. Cloud selection and deployment in the SME space are unique to each company!

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Information is the new currency of value. The I-Business Network is a community of companies, service providers, technology providers, software developers, accountants, investors and others who believe in partnership for mutual value.

I-BN provides information of interest to community members via blogs, whitepapers, webinars, roundtables and free exploration consultations. These forums provide general information on the latest trends in technology, concepts, product information and more. Members can update the Content Preferences at any time to ensure they receive communication of value.

I-BN matches companies with community members for company specific engagements to create value. There are no obligations or fees for explorations and matching services.

Core Values

Everything we do is driven by our core values:

  • Do What is Right
    • Ethical, efficient and proactive
  • Process Driven
    • Simple, streamlines and repeatable
  • Solve Problems
    • Listen, be positive and thoughtful
  • Professional
    • Accountable, self-motivated and presentable
  • Balanced
    • Work hard, play hard and run the marathon

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Service Delivery Model

The technology and professional services industries have moved away from time and materials to subscription and value pricing models. The engagement methods have evolved to be more outcome driven and flexible to match the “as a service” model.


Outcome driven service models for a fixed monthly fee which can be modified or cancelled on a monthly payment model. Typically used for fractional professional, process improvement or software delivery. Scope is often defined in terms of capacity (number of seats, processes or projects) as opposed to a specific deliverable.


Results based pricing where a deliverable is provided for a fixed fee or payment is calculated as a percentage of savings. Inventory optimization or reduction projects and some development projects with clear scope and objectives are good candidates for value based engagement.

Time & Materials

Although less in fashion, time and materials based contracting is appropriate for projects with a large materials component. One example would be with perpetually licensed software sold with a block of implementation hours for a company that can self-implement.


NQB8OR (incubator) is our sister company designed to aid small in professional, ecommerce or technology driven start ups. Services include networking, physical space, cloud services and professional advisors with custom structured compensation models to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.