Exceed goals by aligning people with process and technology.

We live in a networked world where connections are key. Who you know lands your job. Integration and automation are driving efficiency and digitalization is transforming business. For over 20 years I-Business Network has helped companies improve operations by combining the power of technology with a process orientation while understanding the key human element. Our network of technology, financial, marketing and management professionals and organizations partner with small to midsized companies to improve effectiveness and efficiency to achieve business objectives.

Community of Business Advisors and Customers

I-Business Network shares knowledge with and from business customers and partner organizations. We put customer needs at the heart of our community and in control of our engagements. We provide business owners with the information they need and match them with service providers that best meet their business objectives.

Business Services

We believe your business process creates differentiation, but must work in concert with technology and be managed and operated by a well trained staff. Network advisors have been consultants, business owners and CxOs.

Partner Services

With experience as a value added reseller since 1986 and team members who have worked with a variety of publishers, Network advisors help you grow and increase effectiveness of your consulting and reselling business.

“We now have better operational visibility, control and customer service tools. Fast data access… helps us take immediate action to serve customers better.”

Daniel arcilla


“… consolidated our business processes into one single integrated solution, simplifying and improving our operations.”

Pedro furlanetto


Knowledge Transfer

We believe in transferring knowledge to our customers and partners. Information comes in multiple forms including our blog, whitepapers, webinars and on-site services.

Digital Transformation

Do you want to learn more about digital transformation without the jargon? What is this buzz about digital transformation is the first article in a 3 part series providing a baseline.

Software Selection

A recent article discussed how software companies hype their software above the competition. At I-BN we help companies select software based upon 4 main criteria.

Software and Services

Subscriptions have been expanding into services as well with subscriptions for everything from cars to doctors, lawyers and consultants. Time to get SaSaaSy.

How to know when you are …