SAGE 100 Brings Accuracy to your Entire Business

What has your accounting software been doing for you lately? Probably not much.

SAGE 100 is more than a simple accounting solution. It brings your entire business together, allowing you to manage finances and inventory with distribution and sales. This makes it an ideal option for distribution centers and industry suppliers. SAGE 100 offers better coordination between departments and eye-opening business insight capabilities.

SAGE 100 boosts your financial management capacity, allowing you to systematize invoicing and bill collection, eliminate error-prone spreadsheets, and budget more accurately. SAGE 100 also boosts inventory management and forecasting ability by allowing you to track stock and distribution in real-time and automate purchases and orders in sync with inventory movement.

SAGE 100 brings accuracy to your financial processes and allows your business’s departments to communicate more efficiently. It offers integration, innovation, and overall improvement.  Sage 100 features comprehensive “out of the box” accounting and financial reporting.

Additionally, with expert guidance and support from I-BN and its national network of partners, deployment is stress-free and customized to your needs. Contact us to find out if SAGE 100 is the right solution for your financial management needs.